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2017*} Funny Mother’s Day Poems: Top 5 Funny Poems

Everyone wants to present something mesmerizing to the mother. However, due to problem of plenty people often find themselves in a dilemma. Ever thought of reciting a funny mother’s day poems to your mother? If not, then try it this time. It will make her laugh and at the same time your message will be conveyed to her. A similar thought was came in our mind which led us to publish two different articles namely happy mothers day poems and short mothers day poems. You can even go through them if you wish to get more interesting poems. She will remember this day throughout her life. Bring back the old days of joy and cheer. Poems would be unique gift that only few people can think of and we want you to be among those few people.

Funny Mother’s Day Poems


Mothers day 2017 Funny Poems

Keeping the importance of the occasion in mind, we have made a huge collection of funny mother’s day poems that will help you to appease your mother.

cool Mother’s Day Poems


Few Funny poems:


Mom, when I was small, you have cleaned my dirty clothes,

I know you have cleaned my poo.
And that is why I take this time,
To say I love you.


Mom, you are the only one who knows how to make me happy,
And how to make me cry,
Today, to say how much I love you,
I will not feel shy.


Mom, you are so sweet,
You are so nice,
I love your way of cooking food,
By adding the best spice.


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
This is a very old line, I know,
And so, do you.
I don’t have anything else to write,
So, to make your day bright,
I wish you a very good night.
Oops!!! Happy Mother’s Day.

Have fun.


I cherish the sweet old days,

When you asked me to follow your ways.
You shouted at me and cleaned up my mess,
Even if I was not willing to improve, not more, not less.
When you were drunk, you fell on the floor,
And we used to scream in joy, “Mommy, once more”.
When we did not come home from school and were often late,
You stood at the window and never your food without us ate,
I remember the days, when we used to play pranks on others,
No woman would do this, no other mother.
I am glad to have you as a mother,
The wide world over.


Do you remember the times when I fell?
Instead of lifting me, you would always yell.
Do you remember, when I was hurt?
You never bothered to even stitch my shirt.
Do you remember, when I was angry?
You did not bother even if I was hungry.
Do you remember the times we fought?
I am sorry for all the pain to you it brought.
Do you remember the last time I said Thank you?

If not, then today I say, “Mom, I love you.”


I remember the good old times,

That we once had.
But, now without you,
My life is so sad.
I remember the times when you corrected me when I was wrong,
I never paid attention to you, instead on the radio played a song.
Today, I repent for not having listened to you,
You have been kind, you have been true.
All I want to say is I love you.


I am glad that you are my mother,
A woman who has a heart so strong.
I shouted at you if you came into my way,
To me, you were the one who spoiled my day.
Now, I realize that I was wrong,
I cursed you my whole life long,
I am sorry for all that I have done
With tea, would you mind, making a few buns?

Funny Mother’s Day Poems awesome

Make this day a memorable one for your mother. She deserves it more than anything else. Think of all the time you spent together and write it in the form of a poem. There would not be a single incident that has not been funny. So, say it to her. Nothing would give her more happiness than you recollecting sweet memories. Besides that you can send her some funny quotes too. Why not you compile your thoughts and present it in a form of a poem? Write a funny mothers day poem for her and dedicate it to her

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